Director's Message

Dear Students,

We welcome the future Nobel professionals to this temple of learning. "Health care and Education is the inalienable and indivisible rights held by us all, without which people cannot live in dignity. "Academic excellence has become a way of life with all of us at Verma College of Nursing & Paramedical Science institute with our tradition of introducing high quality. Career oriented programs, The mission of the college is to keep peace with the futuristic growing civilized world through women empowerment.Patliptra Nursing of education is the prime sector of human growth & this is possible only by proper individuals.

It'll be a service for each and every member of human race. A bold step was taken to this profession for the welfare of the society as well as for the upliftment of women. It was a long journey and at the end Verma College of Nursing & Paramedical Science School of Nursing. We have been given the opportunity to serve the society and this will be our main MOTO. Undoubtedly my gratitude goes to almighty God and my well wishers for their cooperation during the process and pain for this institute.

The unique experienced teachers & most sophisticated modern instruments & the institutes makes it at per with any institutes. My best wishes are with students getting admission in Verma College of Nursing & Paramedical Science College of education.

I want to warm welcome to you as you start your program eith wish you all the best.

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